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  Evgeny Brakhman with Sergei Babayan at Gartner (Cleveland International Piano Competition, November 6)

A dark, cold, fall evening with a chance of snow in the forecast might not inspire one to attend a concert of piano music by Scriabin, Schnittke and Shostakovich. However, in the hands of a pianist like the Russian player Evgeny Brakhman, the chill that remained in your feet at the beginning of the concert soon left and was quickly replaced by sheer warmth. For Brakhman, a relaxed and compact player, possesses a beautiful sound, whether he is playing at the softest or the loudest of the dynamic range. His complete command of technique allows even the most difficult passages, of which there were plenty in his program, to sound so utterly easy, it’s as if they presented no challenge whatsoever.


  Kritik Brakhman 22.06.09





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